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Waste-to-Energy Technology Due Diligence

Since 2014, one of America's largest private companies has retained Harbin Engineering, P.C. to perform proprietary due-diligence reviews on several waste-to-fuels, waste-to-energy technologies.  One of the technologies has been in operation for over twenty years in Europe; another one is in the process of scaling up its pilot model in the United States. We provided personal expertise, analysis and consulting that has energized the curiosity and satisfied the timely demands of the multi-billion dollar company.  We are proud to have a reputation for maintaining a respected level of confidentiality, professionalism, responsiveness and careful consideration addressing future decisions and goals of this client.  The projects completed for our client demonstrate our ability to apply our knowledge and understanding of the solid waste industry and assist private corporations in making valuable decisions that minimize risk, manage costs and maintain compliance. 

Waste Excavation and Reclamation

At the recommendation of Harbin Engineering, P.C. in 2007, the City of Barnesville selected the major form of corrective action to remove by mining all wastes from the closed Goggins Road Landfill.  The purpose of this activity was to remove all wastes from the closed landfill thereby eliminating it as a source of contamination to the groundwater and reclaiming the property for future use or sale by the City. In 2012, Georgia EPD approved the Waste Excavation & Reclamation Plan (WERP) we prepared. Between April 2014 and October 2015, the City removed all the waste from the 6-acre landfill for disposal offsite at the Cedar Grove Landfill, seven miles away. Final grading and cover was installed by August 2015. As a part of the WERP, the City utilized a trommel screen to separate the waste fraction from the soil fraction, which allowed the soils to remain onsite and thus significantly reduce the haul and disposal cost. As a part of the WERP, the City tested the soils underlying the waste and also in the screened fraction. Results from these tests indicate the soils remaining onsite meet Georgia's clean-up criteria suitable for residential properties. We anticipate remediation in the groundwater as a result of this excavation, thereby minimizing costs associated with post-closure care. Because the waste is now removed from this property, the Goggins Road Landfill has the potential to become one of the first landfills in Georgia to be removed from post-closure-care and Georgia's Hazardous Site Inventory (HSI) program. The projects completed for the City of Barnesville demonstrate our expertise in permitting innovative environmental solutions and our ability to satisfy requirements from multiple regulatory programs.

Waste-to-Fuels Facility Permitting at Cedar Grove Landfill

In 2015, Harbin Engineering, P.C. assisted the Lamar County Regional Solid Waste Management Authority with receiving one of the first permits in Georgia for a waste-to-fuels/energy facility.  A project of this scope demonstrates our expertise to manage a complex permitting process and our willingness to utilize our knowledge to design for innovative technologies at solid waste facilities .